How to clean up the HP Scanner?

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Scanners are the tool for offices and businesses. However, for ensuring that the scanner continues to give efficient performance for coming future, then you need to clean it and keep it away from dust that can impair the scanning quality. The manufacturer of printer recommends that the user needs to clean the scanner once after every 5 thousand sheets that they scan. The essential cleaning products are available often from the manufacturer of the scanners or you can even avail at the local shop.

Gently take your step ahead for properly cleaning the scanner:

  • In the very first move, unplug the scanner from the particular electric power socket.
  • Then, open the scanner’s lid.
  • Further take effort for wiping the scanner’s glass surface using a damp wipe that is well designed for cleaning up the scanners. As alternative, the user can even use soft rag properly dampened using rubbing alcohol. Make sure that the wipe or rag is not much damp that liquid gets into the inner machinery.
  • Moving ahead, properly wipe white backing located on underside of the lid of the scanner.
  • Then, check if the scanner has transparency lamp. If it is so, then look to make sure that particular lamp is free from dirt, dust and debris. Wipe it off again, if found necessary so as to ensure that the scanner don’t produce streaks in the scans.
  • Shut down the lid of the scanner and then plug it back in the power socket.

If the user often uses paper with excessive of pencil markings, images, chemical coatings then the user will feel the need of cleaning the scanner more frequently. Even never clean your just after the scanning of the pages as the surface of the glass will be hot that can cause burn.

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